Anyone using Evo 2 8k with RS2+?

If you are in the US, research what is legal for you to do without licenses and certifications. Just because the surveyors won’t come out to your project doesn’t mean that they wont happily sue you if they are able.

By all means, design away on your own property. But I would be very careful about offering services for hire for which your state requires accreditation.

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With a drone and an RS2.

In Washington, surveying without a license is illegal. I am not a surveyor, nor do I employ one. Photogrammetry does not require a lic in WA . It does in some states.

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Sue for what?

They are too busy and their schedules are booked. The point I was making is there is a huge opening for value added services.

There are no restrictions in offering value added services like initial design/drafting of house layouts, drone Imagery, 3d simulations, barn dimensions, floor plans, driveway layouts, etc. None of the services I listed above are offered by local surveying companies.

I’m not planning on offering “survey” work to clients. Most of the lots around where I’m at have clear boundaries and corners.

I am trying to figure out how to accurately determine my lots corners. If I can do that I wouldn’t need a surveyor to begin with. I can try and figure it out myself if a survey guy is going to take forever to show up.

The problem is one corner has no boundary marker and another corner has a boundary marker in the wrong location. It’s off by 20-30 ft. The other two corners which border the road look accurate.

Hi Maverick ! If you’re in the CONUS, you can download free LIDAR data here… you state may have all the elevation data you’ll ever need. You’ll need some specialized software like Global Mapper to view the LIDAR data.

Digital Coast Data

As far as surveying goes, survey all you want on your own property. Boundaries and boundary corners should be left to the professionals. Your boundaries and boundary corners are also your neighbors. You’ll open yourself up to legal action by playing amateur surveyor.


Not where I live. Lol.

I’ll check the data. Thanks.

Hello I have an 6K Evo pro 2 enterprise with the RTK module. It works amazing and there is great documentation on workflow!


Autel has released some new info on their website for V3 Models, including the EVO II Enterprise V3 found here:

Here is some of the details on the EVO II Enterprise V3 Model

All New 6K 1" CMOS Camera
See clearer with Sony’s new 20 megapixel 1 inch CMOS image sensor, the EVO II Pro Enterprise V3 supports up to 6K video resolution with greater dynamic range, stronger noise suppression, and higher frame rates.

Excel in Low Light
EVO II Pro Enterprise V3 brings you Autel’s Moonlight Algorithm 2.0 with additional noise reduction processing. Paired with EVO II Pro V3’s upgraded CMOS, it succeeds in operations with minimal lighting or in harsh lighting situations at night.

Broadcast with Live Deck 2

SkyLink 2.0 Video Transmission
The EVO II Enterprise V3 is upgraded with Autel’s all new SkyLink 2.0 Video Transmission technology.
Fly farther with HD video transmission up to 15km.
Obtain critical details with QHD video within transmission range.
Support tri-band communication and can automatically frequency hop for maximum anti-interference capability.
*900MHz frequency band is only applicable for FCC countries.

Autel Smart Controller V3
Smart Controller V3’s 7.9-inch, 2000nits high-brightness screen is clearly visible even under direct sunlight. SkyLink 2.0 Transmission technology guarantees long-distance operations from up to 15km away and enhances anti-interference abilities with triple band frequency hopping. The customized Android system allows for additional flexibility with 3rd party Apps and an IP43 rating ensures all weather performance.

7.9-Inch HD Touch Screen
-20℃ to 40℃ Temperature Range
2000nits Maximum Brightness
IP43 Resistance

Where is the best place to buy one of these?

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