Any tricks to disconnecting the Navio2 Power Module?


I recently purchased a Navio 2 board and official power board. The parts all connect together fine (I see others in the forum have had issues in the past), but are there any tricks to disconnecting the power module once plugged in? I don’t want to destroy the plug or socket in the process so haven’t used excessive force, and I appreciate that the last thing you want during flight is for the power module to disconnect by itself so the connection should be sturdy by design. But no matter how I wriggle it I can’t disconnect it. There’s nothing obvious that needs to be squeezed, although there are the two small square holes in the top of the socket that mate with the two bumps on the top of the plug. Does the plug need to be on a slight angle to make it easier to extract? Or is there some other trick?

It’s not a major issue for me right now but was wondering and would appreciate any advice in case I need to disconnect it for some reason in the future?



Hey Dean,

Please check this video, it shows how to remove DF13 connectors from the socket:

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Thanks Mikhail, such a simple video but so very helpful, this was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.