Any Plans to integrate PTP protocol into Reach GPS?


Are there any plans for the team to enable PTP time sync on the reach?

PTP is now becoming a standard feature across machine vision cameras as well as lidar units.
We’ve been using PTP for our cameras, lidar and computers and it works really well.


Hi @esa.attia,

Can I ask you to tell more about your project? Why can’t you use the time mark pin for sync?

Hi tatiana,

We do alot of agricultural surveying work with robotics platforms.

Using PTP allows for easier and more flexible system integration as all you have to do is to ensure all our devices are on the right network and PTP takes care of time synchronisation work. This is especially true if you have multiple Gigabit cameras, Lidar (Ouster) and several computers.

Having the time mark pin is a hassle because we then need to wire that line into a computer that will act as our master time node and then have everything else sync with that,
There is also quite a number of steps (on a software/OS level) to get that going.

If Emlid implemented PTP in their products, from a system integrators perspective it is fantastic as we can now use the GPS itself as the time synchronised master node.


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Hi @esa.attia,

Thanks for the clarification!

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t have plans on adding this feature.

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