Any plans for using the M8P chip?

Just curious if the team at Emlid are looking at utilising the u-blox M8P that has RTK functionality built into the receiver, possibly removing the need for the Edison?

I’m guessing such information may be considered commercially sensitive but given how open and engaged you are with the community I thought I’d at least ask and see if you could provide any hints.

I was considering getting a couple of the chips and experimenting with them.



Does the M8P chip allow the use of the open source RTKLIB software for RTK processing?

Do most Reach users care if the RTK solution is internal and proprietary or not?

IMO I’d rather them be working on an L1/L2 setup.

It looks like the M8P can be configured to output raw pseudorange data in the same way as the M8T can. If that is the case then I can’t see a reason why you couldn’t still use RTKLIB on an external processor.

The main advantages I see for using the M8P would be reduced weight/size, and reduced battery consumption.

I think I’ve seen it suggested on here before, but maybe bringing out a Navio 2B that uses this chip would be an attractive option for those that wanted an integrated high precision solution - at a correspondingly higher price of course. I may have also come across a post somewhere on the web from a person who replaced the M8N possibly with an M8T?

I haven’t done a lot of searching but the impression I get is that there is a big jump in price and far fewer options when looking at L2 devices.

I’ve also seen mention lately of L5 and how it can improve accuracy, but I believe this is still relatively new.

Yes L2 is at higher cost, but who would have thought you could do L1 RTK for under $500.

Even at $1000 I’d buy the L1/L2


We have no plans to use M8P. It is kind of expensive and does not do half of the stuff that Reach does.

Having two different RTK engines in the product line will be a support nightmare. Imagine what happens if for example some particular NTRIP service compatibility issue arrises. With Reach we can really quickly fix it because we fully control it. With M8P - wait a year for the next software update if they even care to take care of this particular issue in this release. M8P is a black box. And Emlid is still responsible for the quality of the end product :slight_smile:

Our current architecture allows us to have full control over RTK processing and as a result to be more responsive to customer needs and to build a superior product.


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