Any motors cut off earlier than other

Hi, i do ESCs calibration and every motors work perfect.
When I try stabilize flight (without props) every motors start in one moment, but if I pull throtle a little down. two motors stops and other stil works.

I am a little scary because in normal flight it can mean a crash.

Hi Michal,

Try to configure MOT_SPIN_ARM parameter to 0.2


Did it work for you?

Yes. thanks a lot

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If it does not matter, I’d like to ask you something else. Its a little mystery.
I’ve been flying for a few days with my Tarot X6.I trying base setup of EDGE and adjust (NO TRIMs) RC Tx (Graupner MX-20), because base set was a lot of fast for me.

I fly only in stabilize mode, some 10 short flights.
Today i fly first takeoff and landing was OK, but after second takeoff drone start shaking and has uncontrollable. It ended in an big crash.
Both flights was only 1 minute long, so no change bateries, no turn off EDGE, only switch Arm.
compass was be calibrated four days ago. No wind.

Hi Michal,

You can share your log file here and we’ll take a look into it.

2018-08-27 11-55-45.tlog (1.2 MB)

thanks for help

Could you please share your DataFlash logs too?

log_18_2018-8-27-09-34-48.bin (1.8 MB)

This one?

Yes, thank you.

Did your configure PID? Did you balance motors and propellers? As I can see from your logs, Edge vibrations are very high, so you should lower them.

Also, please share your Edge hardware setup photo and the video of the flight where the issue can be observed.

This is photo of my copter.
Drive system was designed according to Dualsky xcalc application.
Motors XM7010HD-7 v3
Prop. 18x5
Completely Dualsky brand.

Actual weight is 5,5kg
Final weight will be 8kg (extra bateries plus camera and gimbal)
That’s why I have no flight video. I do not want to install the camera because I expected some problems.

Hi Michal,

I’d recommend you to use a damping platform to reduce the vibration. You can find 3D-model of the platform developed for Edge in our docs.

I suppose the article about the vibration damping in ardupilot docs might be of interest to you too.

Are your copter propellers wooden?

Hi Michal,

Do you have any updates?

Hi Tatiana
Still no updates, I must wait on new parts of copter. :frowning: But vibration dumps is prepared.

And yes my props are from wood, but are a little expensive. so i have plan to change on carbon fibre.
Can it be a problem?

Thank you for taking care of me.

Hi Michal,

Carbon is lighter, so the copter with carbon props should be more stable.

Please keep us updated! :slightly_smiling_face:

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