Any limitations with running Arducopter on Raspberry Pi A+?

I would like to run Navio and Arducopter on one RPi, and video encoding and streaming on a secondary RPi. To save weight I would like to use two RPi A+ boards

Are there any noticable performance limitations with running Arducopter on RPi A+ compared to B+?

I’m currently using a B+ to run Arducopter and everything works very well, I’ve had around 20 flights so far, without any software crashes.

Ole, we are mostly flying A+ ourselves, no issues noticed yet. We hope that RPi2 will be able to handle both APM and streaming.

Great news, good to see more and more people flying Navio+!

ok, great! Thanks for info. Very impressed with my Navio+ so far, everything has worked flawlessly. The GPS performance is very solid too, after I shielded the RPi camera (it is very noisy) and added a small ground plane to the GPS. HDOP is always 1-1.1 and I usually have 20 satellites.