Any ideas of choosing Navio2 or Pixhawk

Hi All! I am thinking about differences between navio and pixhawk controllers. There is no comparison on internet or I couldn’t find it I think. Can Anyone tell me What is the differences between pix hawk and Navio basically ? Who must choose navio instead of pixhawk ? Any help will appreciate. Thanks.

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Here’s a pretty good write-up by @CodeChief:

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you can do all the things Navio does that you listed with a Pixhawk and some addons (such as a RPI3) , it all boils down to costs and how much you want to spend…and how much time you willing to spend…I like new tech so I went with Navio2 but also have a couple other birds with Pix…Pix is rock solid…Linux well it can crash (kernel panic)and take out your bird, just FYI

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Having tried both i would say definitely go with Pixhawk.

Expecially if you need to use some of the new Arducopter supported hardware that takes ages to be supported on Navio and sometimes never does. Also there are some quite big bugs never really solved.

Chronical lateness on supporting new versions of arducopter when released if you don’t want to compile them yourself.

Pretty much everything Navio2 can do, you can do it with a companion computer attached to Pixhawk.

Went to Pixhawk after Navio2 and never looked back.



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Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences! :slight_smile:

Linux port or ArduPilot appeared just a couple of years ago and had to go through serious development in that time. Previously ArduPilot relied on PX4 middleware for a long time, which provided a lot of additional features and contained some hardware drivers in it, but was running only on microcontrollers. Now, ArduPilot was rewritten to work without PX4 middleware and be fully-featured on all platforms including the ones based on Linux (e.g. Navio2).

When 3.5 is released there will be no difference in regards of support for additional hardware. It is already in rc6 stage, so it will happen really soon.

ArduPilot on Pixhawk is limited by the memory/performance constraints of the microcontroller platform it is built on, developers are always struggling when choosing when features to pack into the new version. On Navio2 there is more control of the ArduPilot and more opportunities for its advancement and close integration with other software packages.

We do release new versions of ArduPilot for Navio2 a week or two later, but that only because we take safety seriously and have to test everything including doing a series of flights to be sure that the new version works fine on Navio2. Sometimes we have to wait for the weather (hey, it rains 126 days per year in Saint Petersburg), but we simply cannot release an untested version to our users.

So it looks like all the early adopters had all the bads and from now and on it’ll be all greatness.

Best of luck.