Any console or app for analyzing status of reach

I have been struggling with Reach to get fix but unfortunately I couldn’t get it consistently . Most of the time I can see float but sometimes for couple of seconds It changes to fix and then get back . I want to relaize the cause of this. so there is any console app or debugging protocol to see why it only shows the float and not the fixed ? I see same thing in SwiftNav and I just get curious if you have one ?


If you are using the beta, there is more than enough debug information on both settings screen and status screen.

With the old image it’s a little bit trickier, but you can use RTKLIB directly using ssh. You will have access to much more status info, that will probably help.

Hi ,

I’m using the old image , you recommend to install the beta release ?

Yep, it’s so much better to use. Don’t forget to report bugs and request features in the new release thread.

Can I use RTKNav to do the processing in real-time in PC ? so I can see errors and warnings .

Yeah, surely you are free to use Reach however you want.