Any chance to get ros-/tf directly from mavros?

Hi guys,

I am working on a project which requires me to get the transformation information between two drones. I found that mavros should be able to send UTM coords via TF but it turns out that the provided navio image don’t include tf, and I am not able install tf because of some dependency issue.
I can write my own script using the global_position and the imu data, but it will be nicer if I can directly use the mavros function. Any help will highly appreciated!

Thank you very much!


Hey tommy

Create pose msg in original frame with your utm cords and use this

listener.transformPose(target_frame, pose_msg) -> pose_msg

I don’t know if mavros does this ,

Hope it helps



Dear Mithun,

thank you so much for your prompt response. I tried to visualizes the full tree of coordinate transforms, but it is empty. I suppose that mavros is not publishing any tf message…



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