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Anti-vibration mount for Navio

(Jonathan Marston) #21

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


Gentlemen, good afternoon
I use Navio 2 + rp2 90 degrees position, this support anti vibration work for me ? RTL these files are up to date?

(Research Team) #23

Thank you for making this mount,

For the purpose of our build, we need to adjust the base plate, since the screw holes don’t align with our F330 frame. Would you please share the base plate dxf, fbx, or any other modifiable CAD format?

(Igor Vereninov) #24

They are available as STEP models here: https://github.com/emlid/hardware

(Research Team) #25

Thank you @igor.vereninov that was exactly what we needed.

(Fernando Martz) #26

I just finished my first quad. It has the navio2 and I wanted to ask if the anti-vibration mount is really necessary. I understand the anti-vibration should help greatly if I wanted to add a pi camera or something like that but if that’s not the case, does the anti-vibration help the system to work in a better way?


(Tatiana Andreeva) #28

Hi @fernandomvc,

We highly recommend using anti-vibration platform.
Check this article in ArduPilot docs, it explains why it’s required to use the platform.

(Fernando Martz) #30

@tatiana.andreeva thanks for the reply. I will print one of those anti-vibration mounts.

I appreciate your help!