Antenna that does not require external ground plane

Does anyone know of a good active GPS antenna that does not require an external ground plane? I’d like to use it with the RTK system and mount it on my drone (DJI F450).


There is nothing mentioned about a ground plane. As far as I know, helical antennas need ground planes too. Is that an active antenna? Does it have a built-in LNA and/or filters?

I guess thats good that you brought that up , That what i also want to know . I thought i had seen something about no ground plane but that must have been somewhere else. sorry

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this is were I got it my email
emlid logo

We are excited to introduce you Reach M2—our new multi-band RTK module for $449. Reach M2 retains the same size and shape as Reach M+ and enables all the advantages of multi-band RTK.

Key Features

  • Tracks GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou on L1/L2 and Galileo on E1/E5 bands
  • Gets fixed solutions in seconds
  • Enables longer baselines: up to 60 km in RTK and up to 100 km in PPK mode
  • Goes with a helical GNSS antenna providing great reception without a ground plane

The first batch is limited and ships in January. Reserve your Reach M2 with GNSS antenna today for $595.


So I guess Emlid will have to tell us if it needs one or not

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I thought gnss helical antennas were omnidirectional? If so they do not require a ground planes.


Hi all,

Ground plane is not required for this antenna


Is it an active antenna? Will it have a higher SNR than the Tallysman 4721? Otherwise it would be pretty expensive for a metal coil of wire! :smiley:

Multi-band antennas are pretty costly. The antenna we offer with M2 has a wonderful price/performance ratio. We’ll post the performance test a bit later.


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