Antenna reference point and phase center for RS2

Where can I find Information on the Antenna reference point and phase centers for the EMLID RS2?

Antenna reference point is the bottom of the RS2, phase center offsets for L1 and L2 are 134mm.

Hello Igor,
thank you very much for this Information. Unfortunately, my “Postprocessing-Provider” is asking me again. Now for antenna calibration data for the emlid rs2. He mentioned to search for calibration data, but I was not able to find something…

Antenna calibration is in progress now, but delayed due to the virus. We will update the docs once we get the calibration data.


Hello Igor,
thank you. This is good news. Do you have any idea how long this will probably take? Is it weeks or rather months?

Hi Igor,
Can you provide (even an estimate) of the radius?

The radius is only for when you want to enter a sloped antenna height, it has nothing to do with antenna calibration. The 134mm distance to the phase center of the antenna is what you have to consider.!

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Thanks mate.
I am trying a free app (NUWA) as it allows staking a line and to set up the RS2 initially it asks:

  • Radius
  • Phase center
  • Bottom height

So, I set, 0, 0.134 and 0?


Legend, thank you


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