Antenna position correction in Emlid Studio or otherwise


Long story short, I plan on having a rig with 5 cameras on it (ground based). They are all on the same plane laterally. They are being triggered at the exact same time. As I want to record geotags for each, I plan on having 1 M2 and attaching the hot shoe adapter to 1 camera. As I am moving very slowly and they are all being triggered at the same time, I was planning on using Emlid Studio to process the images from each camera one after another, with the same GPS and trigger files.

Is there a way to enter an offset value for the antenna position VS camera position? This is not for photogrammetry.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a software where you can shift EXIF GPS coordinates in batch? This way I could geotag them all, then apply my X, Y, Z shift as needed for each camera. Would exiftoolGUI let me do this?

Thank you

Hi Francis,

Hmm, it’s quite an extraordinary workflow. Reach M2 connected to the camera can record raw data logs with time marks for each photo. And, hypothetically, these logs can be used to geotag photos from other cameras if you know their shift from the GNSS antenna.

In Emlid Studio, you can post-process raw data logs from the base and rover and geotag the photos with calculated coordinates. But there is no feature to add the antenna shift there. In general, you can apply Z shift as an antenna height. However, how to correct X and Y positions still remains a matter.

As far as I know, it is usually solved by photogrammetric software such as Agisoft Metashape. I worked with it some time ago, and if I remember it right, it provides such an option. As for the ExifToolGUI, I’ve never worked with it. But probably someone from our users can share such an experience.

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