Antenna parameters for receiver

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Good day,

I am setting up the connection in the survey master app and I want to confirm the following if they are the right values for the Antenna parameter for RS2.

Radius® = 0.0637m
Reciever mark to phase center (L) = 0.0428m
Phase Center to Bottom (V) = 0.1420m

V: Distance from bottom to phase center

Thank you.

Hi @kmakuke,

Values related to phase center differ for L1 and L2 and even by satellites. So, I can hardly name a single value.

If you need the physical location of the antenna inside the receiver’s body, you can check the correct values on Reach RS2 general drawing.

Survey apps usually support the NGS database. Just in case, Reach RS2 antenna can be found as EML_REACH_RS2.


Thank you… Reach RS2 general drawing helped a lot.

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Hi there,

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