Antenna offset from MRK and steps in Metashape


I have a Phantom 4 RTK, when I am running the PPK process on Emlid Studio, I upload both .obs and .MRK files, so the Antenna offset is applied from the MRK file.

My question is, in this case, when I import the photos and the reference file into Metashape, should I still check the option “Adjust GPS/INS Offset”? Or can I leave this box unchecked because the antenna offset has been already considered in the Emlid Studio process?


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@dpitman would know. He uses Metashape for computing volumes of stockpiles. I know he uses his Autel but I think he also has DJI machines.

I have an Autel EVO II Pro RTK and use Metashape also. MS just reads the data from the exit file from the imagery. I’ve haven’t used ES for prost processing yet. All of my flights have used RTN so I don’t use the camera offset

So I’m guessing here, if ES has corrected the imagery you wouldn’t use the offset in MS.


I have not ppk’d a project with the P4R with Emlid Studio. But if the phase center offset is being factored into the final positions, then you would not want your post processing software to do it again. Since the vertical offset on the P4R is fairly large, around 193mm (19.3cm / 7.6in), you should get a good warning if it is not accounted for properly. It won’t be subtle.


Hi Roberto,

Emlid Studio considers antenna offsets from the 4, 5, and 6 columns of the MRK file when processing. They are offsets (in mm) of the antenna phase center to the camera CMOS sensor center in the north (N) direction, east (E), and vertical (V) direction. So you don’t need to add them manually in Metashape.


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