Antenna Height

Sorry for being a noob! But if I want to do my topo survey and set my pole height to 2m, do I have to add an additional measurement to the bottom of the phase plate thus I would tell the software that the antenna is set at 2.5m if the pole was 2m and the distance to the phase plate 0.5m? Or is this already accounted for and I can just enter pole height at 2m?

If you are doing it from the Survey tab in the app, you only need to enter the pole height. The app detects which Reach version you are using and adds the correct amount. In the case of a RS+, you also need to tick a checkbox if you used the brass thread adapter or not and it will add the correct height.

If you’re using an external survey app, you’ll need to enter the total height to the mechanical center of the antenna, 65mm from the bottom of the unit for RS+, 134mm for RS2.

Thankyou! you don’t know how you manually enter lat and long for doing stake out points? I can see you can import CSV but I only have 7 points I need to stake, and they are all on a drawing. Can you help?

Well, while I don’t have much knowledge of AutoCAD, which I recall you mentioned in another post, if you have a module which enables you to reproject from a planimetric coordinate reference system, which I assume you use, to geographic coordinates, then it shouldn’t be too hard. From there you’d just have to export to CSV.

Personally I’d simply import a DXF of your points straight out of AutoCAD, with its planimetric coordinates, into QGIS and define the projection if it doesn’t carry it in the file, then export to CSV in WGS84. But that’s because I’m not a CAD expert anymore (I was an architectural technician 20 years ago but it’s all but forgotten).

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