Antenna height wierdness

In Reachview when using Manual for Base position, and thus also manual antenna height, Reachview is adding to the height. Shouldn’t it be subtractning ?

I got 84 meter elipsoid, my RS+ is situated on a pole 2,4 meters long plus the 65 mm of the Reach. So my ground point height should be 81.535, but instead Reachview reports (and sends on via LoRa) 86.465 meters.

Am I missing something ?

I think you answered your own question but let me refrase it.
What is the ellipsoid height RS is reciving and sending data from?
86.465 or 84m?

Did you FINALLY get your NEW RS+ units??? ; )

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Oh yes!


If your known point on the ground is 84 Ellipsoide meter, you would put 84 in the colum for coordinate ellipsoid height and then add 2.465m in the antenna height. Antenna is 2.465m above ellipsoide, that’s why the + and not -

If your known point is 81.535m, then you ad 2.465 to this. So not subtract, it would be burryed under the ground if you did.

You put the ellipsoid height value for the known point the coordinate field and ADD antenna height for how much more you have leveld the antenna ABOVE the ground.

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Ah yes, must have been sleepy yesterday evening!
It was because I was using it backwards, wanted to find a point in my garden for future reference, not use a known point.

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This confuses me also.


I’m looking to MAKE a known point in my yard. I setup my base, and log a float signal for 30mins. I am currently getting input corrections from ODOT(Ohio Department of Transportation) aka CORS/VRS. I have A LOT of trees surrounding me, I cannot get a fix no matter how long it sits. Anyways, I log for 30mins, use the averages height. Let’s say 268.000 for example. My tripod/antenna height is 78”/1.9812m.

What I’ve been doing is entering all info in manually for base position then subtracting my antenna height and listing that as my now “known GROUND point”, which is 267.0188.

Then I’ve been manually entering 0 for my antenna height even though my actual antenna is 78”/1.9812 above ground.

For my rover I made its pole from pvc and have it matching in height to my base tripod. So when I use both for onsite RTK i don’t need to list a rover antenna height for point collection.

Is this ok to do? Or should I be doing it differently to be “correct”.

*My method works and reports correctly for how I do it, BUT, is this not a good way or against some sort or “surveyors code of ethics”? HAHAHAHA


To establish a known point you can also average base position in Base mode tab. Note that the coordinates will match the real physical position of antenna reference point. So if you need to mark the point on the ground you need to take into account your antenna height.

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