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Just got new RS2 and were testing them out for normal topo-survey. Set a base over a known point established by NOAA. I got a result approx. 134mm higher for my results checking with other known monuments. Also after processing through OPUS, the height is off by approx. 134mm.

With new V2.22.4 is the antenna height from base to ARP already included? Based on documentation, 134mm is to be added with tripod height. But adding the value seemed to double applying.

Hi, welcome,
if you process you need to add the value from true height to the antenna ARP.

By adding height your result will be equally lower in processing

My height was 1.533m. So therefore I added 0.134m to get true height to ARP. but my OPUS solution resulted to be lower by 0.134m compared to the known values.

Correct me if I am wrong. but following the document and as you say to get true height, by adding 134mm, the results of Post processed data from OPUS should equal to known values.

Using V2.22.4 of Reachview, So just wanted to see if any users experience the same with the version of reachview or RS2

Where did you add this? To the Rinex File?
With PPK reach doesnt add any antenna height to the Rinex file. So either the height (0,134m) has been entered in the wrong place, the height is correct and the measured value is off by 0,134 or the controlpoint is wrong.
I dont know exactly how OPUS work, so i cant tell for sure what went wrong

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my height for tripod setup was 1.533m so I added 0.134m to get final 1.667m for antenna height for processing.

there would not be a coincidence of .134m error occurring somewhere but maybe.

Did you add that in the Survey tab of Reachview?

I entered in “base mode” tab, “Antenna height” of reachview during survey and OPUS later for post processing.

Hi @mkim,

If you collect points using the Survey project, there is no need to add 0.134 mm to a pole height.

Regarding OPUS post-processing, I’d like to post-process your logs myself. Would you mind sharing with me the logs and coordinates you expect to obtain?

You can share them in DM if you prefer.

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