Antenna height of RS+ / RS2 on tripod

What is the best way to measure the most accurate antenna height of RS+ or RS2 on Tripod as Base? Other GNSS receivers are using metal height measurement assistant and the app will do the calculate for the correct vertical height of the antenna.

height measurement assitant

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Just use trigonometry, measure slant height to your mount, measure distance of your height device, compute true height. Then add your antenna distance. Pretty slick device, never seen one of those before !

It is much easier and more practical that the app do the caculation for user. Similar to enter UTM coordinates for Base, we could do the conversion in PC but useful if the app could do that in the field.

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If you have a calculator app in your phone, you could use real-time to compute true height. I also always carry me a field book to write any notes on. You could save the measurements in the book to verify the true heights later

Hi @l3technologycambodia,

I agree with Bryan regarding antenna height calculations. I’d also add that we’ll consider adding this feature to the newest versions of the ReachView app. However, I can’t provide you with the exact dates now.


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