Antenna height M2 rover

Hello, Which antenna height should I add to the M2 rover?

2.048 m is this correct height for this antenna?


stake out points wich rtk setting i should to use static or kinematic?


48 mm would be a good compromise, yes.

Static VS Kinematic: how long obs-times do you plan?

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I think Fix standard obs time - 40 sec

Then I would use Kinematic.

thank you!

collection points in Static mode with Fix RTK rover how much Observation Time need?

How long baseline?
How good sky-view?
What is the point used for?

10-15km baseline…
Good sky view…
GCPs or topograpy points…

If you do a stop and go flow, you will need 20 seconds to 2 mins. For that baseline I would probably go with 1 minute or more.
Please note that if you use Static you will break your Fix each time you move to a new location. Usually you will acquire the fix again almost immediately, but not always.

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