Antenna Height log setting when used with M2 and custom antenna

The screenshot diagram attached appears to show this measurement from ground observation point (bottom point of pole) up to bottom of an antenna receiver?

I know when using a RS/RS+/RS2/RS2+/RS3 you provide this measurement as shown to the bottom of the receiver. I.e. the Antenna Reference Point (ARP) (i.e. 2M pole). Then I am assuming the software is automatically adding the distance from ARP to Antenna Phase Center (APC). I.e. RS2 is 134mm additional)

But for a M2 custom antenna setup, where ARP is not standard and APC is unknown to software, shouldn’t the Antenna Height just be the TRUE Antenna Height which is the ground observation point up to the Antenna Phase Center (APC) not to the ARP (bottom of receiver)?

Thank you for the clarification.

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A good check would be an observation on a NGS passive mark (preferably a benchmark with known height) or a mark of your own that you have established. I don’t think horizontal would be of any concern, just vertical.

That’s the only method that I could think of that would be reliable.

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I’m not sure it matters for the Rinex header. The data being logged is relevant to the antenna, and then height corrections are secondary. You can just leave it at 0 and figure it out later when it comes time to do something with those logs.

Hi Tim,

Emlid Studio doesn’t add the distance between the APC and the bottom of the antenna for Reach M2. The first reason is that you can use it with multiple antennas, so you should add the offset based on your antenna.

The second reason is that it’s pretty hard to place the antenna exactly above the camera. Usually, the offset is three-dimensional. And usually, it can be taken into account in photogrammetric software. They have more instruments to do that.

But if the antenna is installed right above the camera, you can enter this offset during post-processing in Emlid Studio, but don’t forget to add the distance from ARP to APC. If you use our multi-band helical GNSS antenna, L1: 0.032 m L2: 0.037 m.

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