Antenna connection cable M2

I have an RS2 that I use daily for field surveying work.
I am going to buy an M2 to use it as a GPS Base equipment in those areas where there is no telephone coverage and it does not allow me to receive NTRIP differential corrections.
I want to buy a different antenna than the one in the store since I am not going to mount it on a drone, but on a tribrach-based one. This antenna comes with a standard TNC-K plug.
I do not know where you can buy the cable for the antenna that has one end this plug and the other the plug for the M2.

I just saw the connector for it
the antenna I’m looking at is

not sure what the -k is. There are normally TNC or RP-TNC (reverse polarity TNC) I would think this cable should work.

You might want to check this thread also

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That is a normal TNC connector on the antenna

Tnc to mcx i have the cable, just waiting for the antenna you describe.

I want to test the large style vs tallysman helical.

But the tallysman helical is truly hard to beat.

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Bought the M2 the radio lora and the cable. Thank you

I got my M2 and the radio Lora

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