Antenna cable length delay?

While playing with a Navspark GNSS reciever I noticed an option in their PC software (GNSS Viewer) for compensation for the delay introduced by the antenna cable.

I just received my reach today and noticed it had quite a long antenna cable.
The approximate delay for a signal in a cat5e cable is 19cm ≈ 1ns
Antenna cables do tend to be better, but that would add about 4.14 nanoseconds.

Is there any way to account for this in RTKLIB or in Reach in general? Preferably in RTKLIB (RTK+) so it isn’t restricted to only reach.

No need to account for antenna cable delay. The delay is common for all satellites. It can be cancelled by receiver clock estimation process. That means the receiver clock is defined at the antenna phase center position.

Ok, thanks, that’s good to know.

BTW Thanks for all your work on precision GNSS particularly RTKLIB. It has enabled tons of great new things.