Antenas and cable length

Hi, Im using 2 reach modules ( first get kickstarter modules )
I was able to make them work in RTK using wifi , no problem, but I did have some issues to get a stable FIX on a almost clear area ( just a few thees )

I would like to show you my setup in order to get any advice

I read that I need a 10cm metal disk, I did not found aluminium, I use a thin Bronce, is this similar?
I made a simple 3d print to use Whitworth W5/8" from a big RTK tripod for the base and for the Rover.
But this disk should be bigger? Why are Trimble GPS antenas so big, does this make a difference?
And, for the little knowledge I have on radio communications, I understood that cable length for the antenna should be as short as possible, and the kit have a 6ft cable that Iā€™m not using at all.
Is it a good idea to cut the cable and to make it shorter ( soldering on the antena GPS on the same spot )

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What is your ReachView version?

Bronze will be fine.

I like it :slight_smile:

You could make the disk (ground plane) a little bigger if you want. It is not necessary 10cm should work OK.

Do not cut the GPS (GNSS) antenna cable. The original antenna and cable should work well.

If you have consistently poor SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), then you could look at making some optimizations, such as higher gain antenna or shorter cable length. These are normally not needed.

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