Another Navio2 flies :-)

Just want to share my navio taking to the skies on its maiden flight.

It was dark but simply had to go and test it.

Haven’t done any tuning. Props are balanced and I placed a piece of foam over the baro sensor,

Video was recorded while drone was in PosHold and I saw little “bounces” every now and then.


Is there any way that i can upload a video?

i used google and posted the link, just one option.
but no direct upload im afraid

Ok here is a little footage of the drone ins Poshold. You can hear a little bounce at around 2 second.

Conditions were calm with no wind blowing

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i think i understood what you mean after seeing it a couple of times. Does it happen often ?
did you use GPS and altitude hold at this time ? or only stabilize mode ?

It happens a bit i would say with no real noticeable time interval. The whole flight was a test flight where the drone hovered in Poshold.

I saw I had the frame setup as V. Changed that to X and I am having an enclosure printed for the Navio and Pi. Will then leave the peace of foam over the baro sensor and do an autotune test this weekend and see how it goes.

try it with stabilize only, with gps on you’ll never know when and how its repositioning the copter.

Ok will do that. How about althold?

i would try stabilize only first, then althold and if the “bounces” still do not come PosHold.
with stabilize alone might be a bit trick, but this way you also learn how to fly it without additional sensors :wink:
its always good to get a copter under control without the aid of gps an baro


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