Another Landing Gear Question

I have my Navio2 running APM:Copter V3.4-rc1.

I am trying to setup my landing gear on channel 10 and I have channel 10 setup as pass through. I have the servo connected on the Navio2 pin labeled 10.

I have the lower limit at 1100 and upper at 1800. I have tried reversing these but that has not fixed the problem.

Can not get the servo to actuate. Any ideas.



Passthrough only works 1 to 1. To get an output on channel 10 you have to setup your TX to send a signal on channel 10. Which TX do you use?



Thanks for the quick reply. I should have provided more detail. I have an Taranus FrSky transmitter and receiver. Using SBUS. I have Channel 10 configured using switch SA and the output setup correctly I believe. This is why I have the passthrough setup on channel 10 as I configured the Transmitter Channel 10.

Tonight I will take a generic servo and connect to output 10 on the Navio2 to see if the servo actuates. Also I will take the landing gear an connect to a spare transmitter and receiver to see if the gear has problems. Then I will give you more feedback.

If you have any other ideas it would be appreciated.



I did check the FrSky config. On the setup screen (FrSky) it says the channel low is 992 and 2012 on the upper end of the switch SA. Again Channel 10, so I believe the radio is configured correctly.

I also hooked up the landing gear to a spare OrangeRC Rx and my Spektrum DX5 radio. The gear actuate as expected using this setup.

So I am back to the output on Channel 10 from the Navio2.

I have CH10 set as passthrough, min 1100 max 1800.


which receiver do you use with navio2?
in mission planner - flight status, in the tab: status - can you see ch10in and ch10out change when you use your switch on your rc?


Will check, charging my battery right now.

I am using the FrSky X8R with SBUS output to the Navio2. I am not using the FrSky X8R telemetry, I have a dedicated telemetry module from HobbyKing.

As soon as I finish charging the battery, I will check the status screen and post the CH10in/out values. I noticed that you could manually toggle or set low/high there as well. When toggling manually via the screen, the gear did not respond either.


dont forget you have to power the servo rail seperately from the navio2 with a bec;
if rcin doesnt respond properly, check your receiver’s jumper settings for the right mode
( )

I am powering the servo rail from 1 of my ESC’s (motor 3), the 5v bec on all the other esc’s (1,2,4,5,6) are disconnected. I am using Arris 30A OPTO ESC’s

Related to the Taranis - Plus - FrSky binding, I have it in D16 with CH1 - CH16 selected, so I should have channel 10 covered.

I hope this all lines up and thanks for the directions.



That Status page is interesting, didn’t see that before.

The In’s reflect CH10 going from 982 up to 2006 when I move the switch however the outs do not move from 0.

I noticed that CH1-6out only move when I arm the Navio.

What keeps CH7out and higher from moving off zero?


If you have OPTO ESCs they won’t provide power to the servo rail. You will need a seperate BEC.

Ok, will give that a shot.

Sebastian, Benedikt,

Thanks for the help, I got it straightened out and had my first flight tonight. Here is a picture.

Turned out I missed the fact that I had OPTO esc’s and needed to power the servo rail. Didn’t have the retractable landing gear in place, but maybe tomorrow. Next the camera gimbal which aging your suggestions will help me get right. Thanks a BUNCH!


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