Another flight another Mid flight motor stop

Was flying in loiter mode today practicing circling when once again, as in all the other crashes I had with Navio 2 the motors just stopped.
I have attached photos so that you can see the damage to my equipment.

You will see from the marks on the propellers that there was no propeller movement at the time of impact.

This is the last crash I am willing to tolerate and would like to know how I need to RTS these 2 units to emlid

Hi Barry,

Sorry to hear about your crash!

In order to investigate this issue, we’ll need DataFlash logs from Navio2. It can be downloaded over Mission Planner.

log_6_2018-9-24-11-28-58.bin (1.2 MB)


I’ll look into it and come back with the results.


It seems this log from Navio contains only FMT messages. Did you enable logging before the flight?

Did you get any errors in Mission Planner during the flight? May I ask you to post the telemetry log? It’s the log from your GCS in .tlog format. @aleksandr.zheleznov wrote how to get it here:

Yes it is and no there were no warnings

Yes logging is enabled

This is the log of the flight I did just before. Only difference is that I changed batteries. I did notice that “sudo systemctl start fpv” also did not work as per the previous flight.

Only difference between the 2 flights was me changing the batteries.

If we need to I am willing for you to do a teamviewer session and log in to my drone

log_5_2018-9-24-11-17-05.bin (6.8 MB)

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