Anemometer and Navio2


I’m wondering if adding an anemometer to the Navio card can be useful. I’m working on a parachute drone and the windspeed around the drone is a valuable data to enhance the piloting precision of this particular drone. Is navio already calculating the windspeed by means i didn’t find during my researchs ?

Thanks alot

Hi Ello,

Navio2 has no anemometer installed and has no sensors to measure wind speed. You can find the specification on Navio2’s page.

May I ask, are you planning on making your own autopilot for the drone? Do you want to use the anemometer to deploy the parachute?

Either making my own, or scrapping parts from Arduplane. I mainly want to use the anemometer to adjust the precision of the piloting algorythm, since it’s way more subject to wind than a quadcopter / plane.

I’m still looking into it since i’m as green as green can be on Navio and Ardupilot.
I’ve already made the piloting algorythm corresponding to my foil and my servos, and i’d love to be able to scrap the guiding part used by Ardupilot/Arduplane

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