Android ReaxhView connection problem

Got a new Nokia RX20

The phone can connect with the RS2, ReachView sees it I can click it but it can’t connect.

Have the same problem on another android device.

It’s android ONE.

Hi Andreas,

Can you specify which message you get when you try to connect to Reach?

Have you tried to connect via Reach Panel? For this, you need to connect to Reach’s hotspot and input in the address bar Then, press on the gear icon, and open the Control panel. You can check the firmware version as shown in the screenshot below and share it with me. Please also send me the Full system report, which you can download on the same page.

Found the problem. As the Wi-Fi doesn’t have internet it waits for another decision, so it needs one more push of a button.


Reach’s hotspot doesn’t have an Internet connection itself. Now, are you able to connect with Reach?

I’m able to connect now. I don’t have this problem on my iphone

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