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I’m Italian and is my first post.
I’ve a ReachRs+ v. 2.14.0 and a Galaxy S9+ with ReachView app 1.4.
When i enable wifi hotspot on S9 the Reach connects and acquires the ip address (, but the ReachView app not find the Reach Units.
The only way to see the unit is through the S9+ browser and call it typing the ip address.
With Ipad mini 4 of my friend all is ok doing the same procedure with hotspot.
There is a problem with network permission for android 8.0.0?

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I just use a browser every time as the Android APP never seems to be 100%. Either you waste time with it or just not waste time and use browser (i.e. Chrome on Android).

I too have the same setup/device/version with Galaxy S9+, and the same problem.

The Android ReachView Application can only rarely find my Reach RS+ unit.

The workaround, of course, is to figure out what the IP address of the Reach device is (using fing,
or looking at my hotspot application) and just connect through a browser, by opening the
address (, or whatever.)

It’s possible this is a problem unique to the Samsung Galaxy S9+, because if you look at the
ReachView app page on Google Play, there is only one person (besides me) who mentions
a problem with finding the device, and it’s a Samsung Galaxy S9 owner (Caelum Technologies).
So I’ve heard from 3 Galaxy S9 owners who have this problem, but never anyone else.

I was thinking about trying to find another android tablet or phone, and using it. But an old
Tab 4 is too old of an OS (has to be Android 5.1 or later.) If anyone else has tablets or phones
which don’t work, I’d appreciate if they replied and let me know.

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It’s not. I have had this problem with a Note 3 and newer Note 8. It’s the app.

Just use a browser such as Chrome and use Fing to find your ip. Best way period.

Maybe we should make a list of what devices work and which don’t.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - can’t find device.
Samsung Note 3 - can’t find device.
Samsung Note 8 - can’t find device.

Are there any devices that do work? Maybe the iPhones are fine? I personally think it would be great if I didn’t have to do the extra step of finding my IP address, and manually typing it in to the web browser. That step is often done out in the cold, with the wind blowing, and my fingers cold, and the bright sun making the screen hard to see. We can always do workarounds, but would be nice if we didn’t have to.

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Just the way it is.

By the way, in addition to the problem with the hotspot, on my S9+ i can’t do the pairing bluetooth. Does your s9 + work?
I’ve done some tests on WiFi and these are my results:

  1. Home WiFi router: Both S9+ and ReachRS+ connected, ReachView App on S9+ work and find the unit.
  2. Ipad Mini 4 as Hotspot Router: Both S9+ and ReachRS+ connected, ReachView App on S9+ work and find the unit.
  3. Ipad Mini 4 as Hotspot Router: Only ReachRS+ connected, ReachView App for IOS work and find the unit.

The problem seem to be only the android hotspot on samsung S9+ or other android devices, because IOS not have any problem.
However, the app is certainly to be reviewed because on the field you need to be efficient and fast, without use any other software for find the ip and use a browser, otherwise it would not make sense spend time and resource to build an app not efficent.
I’m sure the development team will find the solution.


I haven’t played with bluetooth much. I paired it once, but found it cumbersome. I initially thought I would use the Reach RS+ to output bluetooth to my phone, then run “Mobile Topographer” on my phone. And I was going to use the “Lefebure NTRIP” app on my phone. But opening and closing all these applications and turning on and off wifi/bluetooth was difficult even without the wind and bright sun.

Now my process is simplified, I turn on mobile-hotspot from my phone, the Reach RS+ connects to it, and uses it’s own NTRIP client. Then I use the Chrome web browser to access the built-in Reachview program. I find the Reachview Survey program is better than “Mobile Topographer” for me, as I really need to watch status and quality of my fix, and often switch from kinematic mode to static mode. Luckily the ip address seems to stay the same.

I also wish the Reachview app reliably found my device, but the consensus is that nobody uses it, we all are just using the browser. It’s one of those bugs that infuriates new users, but long-time users have learned to accept.

Interesting that you say that for you, the Reachview App can find the Reach RS+ any time, except when you’re using the Samsung Galaxy S9+ as a hotspot? Very interesting. I have the problem even if I’m using my home WiFi router. But it doesn’t seem to be consistent. Occasionally, the Reachview App can find my device, but that’s rare, and not reproducible.

While I’ve been writing this, I’ve been playing around… and I closed out all my old Chrome windows, and then ran the Reachview App… and it found my device, for the first time in a while. I gotta play around with this a bit more.

But something odd just happened. I’ve been playing with my Reach RS+ inside just for debugging, and it oddly got a FIX with a momentarily high AR value of 999 while it’s on the first floor of a two story building! And the position seems oddly close! I don’t have a single green bar, 25 satellites, only 17 satellites with corrections from my CORS provider, and the AR validation ratio is mostly from 1 to 3.5, but I’m still amazed, as I can’t usually get even a poor quality solution indoors. I’m a bit amazed, but this must be a fluke, where satellites must just be straight out a few windows.

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So, you are connecting the receiver over to the S9’s hotspot. Not the S9 to the Reach’s hotspot?

I agree the Android App (v8 and v9 Pie) are a little flaky on actually connecting consistently. I end up forgetting the hotspot connection and the reauthenticating. Then I used my iPad and never looked back.

I do connect the receiver to the S9’s hotspot. That’s so I can still get internet to everyone, and get NTRIP corrections over the internet.

If I connected the S9 to the Reach’s hotspot, I don’t think there’s anyway to get the corrections in.
The S9 has to connect to the cell tower’s internet, or the Reach’s hotspot.

Gotcha, missed the comment about NTRIP. I have had quite a bit of trouble getting devices to network over my phone (Android) hotspot, but not my iPad.

Thanks for your reports.

We’ll arrange the tests with Android devices to check if we can reproduce this behavior.


Just a small update on this question.
This issue is related to an Android OS and it’ll be fixed in one of the future version of ReachView app.


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Following up on that since I missed that I had commented on this issue on this thread as well. Version 2.15.5 resolved all of my networking issues on my Pixel 2XL on Android Pie.

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Try turning off Mobile data when you use the Android Reach App. Solves the problem for me.


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