Android - Flow Line Suggestions

I see that the create a line tool from Android device option is in your road map for the future. To go along with this, would it be possible to add simple edit commands as well? The ability to copy and offset, copy and rotate by angle as well as extend lines would be useful for many situations.

Also, curved line segments in DXF files do not seem to be supported. Is there any plan to add the ability for curves?

Another feature that I would find very useful would be the ability to import a PDF plan and localize it to the project. This would need to be separate from the jobsite calibration/localization but could be done in a similar way. It would add the ability to view the plan as a background, similar to maps/satellite view and have it be relatively accurate.


Hi @BlaineS,

Thank you for the feature requests! I’ll add them as +1s.

I’d also like to note that Collecting lines is already possible in Emlid Flow, as well as creating them from existing points.