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Which Android Device is best for the ReachView App and viewing in bright, direct sunlight?

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Be aware that there have been allot of reports of Android not being able to connect to Reachview in the app form. That being said I have been able to connect through the Chrome app without issue. The Galaxy Tab S4 is a very bright tablet and there are plenty of rugged cases for it. The best I have seen is the Galaxy Tab Active 2 8", but they are still pricey.

I have no problems connecting using ReachView app with Note 8 (Android 8 & 9,) You’d think as much as this phone costs the display would be great outside, but is not. (Its good but not great) They make sun shades / hoods also for drone controllers, iPads etc. Amazon.

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Thanks and Take Care.

I have an LG G7 and it works perfect with Reachview. I keep a power bank on the pole because at full brightness the battery only lasts 4 or 5 hours.

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Sounds good. The power bank sounds like a Great idea. I saw a solar power bank on tv last night. That would be great so. Thanks.

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