And so it started... with confusion about receivers

Hello Community!

For a long time I wanted to get into drones and now I finally started… tho maybe I overestimate my abilities.

I’m a total beginner in every aspect. Well, almost. I’m very comfortable with Linux and I code for a living. That’s why I decided to start with Navio.

I have Navio2 kit inbound. RPI3 inbound (3 is workable, right?). Just received Taranis X9D-plus.

Been reading a lot. Like really a lot! :slight_smile:

Aiming for a mutli-rotor build, I’m now trying to decide on the components and whatnot. Kits do look attractive at this point but I’m not averse to “parts lists” as well tho, if one to believe others’ experiences, I will have many parts replaced before I know it due to crashes. Looking to get a reliable heavy-lifter with moderate speed and good maneurability and control. Will definitely want to do aerial photo/video and would like to at least test FPV. Tips and suggestions are welcome.

Now to the main question… I’ve read the docs and a few posts in the forums about the receivers for Taranis but still confused about which of the D8R and X8R is better to use with Navio2. Does X8R still need a converter to work with it? I want to be able to receive maximum telemetry on the TX along with RSSI and power levels.

Please advise or point to documentation. What am I missing?

Thank you,


I believe X8R has sbus,so if use sbus you will not need a converter.

X8r works with the Navio, no extra parts needed.


Just ordered X8R. Gotta start with something. Now back to reading about stuff. :slight_smile: