Alright guys, one last thing and I’m off for the day. I need to know how to cal the navio to see correct amps/current used. Does anyone have a simplified answer for this dummy? Mine stays at 0% though I know it’s pulling something… the sensor has been setup in MP per the instructions and I do get voltage.

Thanks a ton

Do you see voltage? Mine works but I’m not sure it’s correct, only pulling ~3.5A in hover?

Mine shows approx. 1.5 at hover. I don’t know I thought it would be larger

We’ll probably need to calibrate according to this:

I’ve never done it and used to not care but I’d really like to exploit all the cool features with this ship.

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Great… something else to buy lol

Likewise, lol. My voltage is right so I may just tweak the Amps per volt a little at a time until the MP usage comes close to what the charger puts back in.

Sounds like a plan!

Here’s a good one too!


Cool will give it a try

Calibrating is a must to get proper measurements during flight, the reading might show correct under idle conditions but as soon as you start flying the measurement will be way off. I’ve found calibration to be a pain, but once you have it set up right you are good to go!

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