Altitude/barometer not stable

(Roishachar) #1

Mission planner shows 150m in altitude, and then -10m, the drone is on the ground without any move, also speed showing 1m/s, I did 3d calibration, compass calibration, what should be done?

(Michael Lambert) #2

Could you list you eq please? Has the drone be on for long?

(Roishachar) #3

Rpi3 navio2 dalrc 4in1esc , not powered for long

(Michael Lambert) #4

Ok. I was going to note that as the temperature of the drone rises the elevation reading from the barometer of the drone will drop. This explains a doming effect on the 3D model that sometimes arises on large plots of land.

(Roishachar) #6

I don’t think its the heat, any other concern/ tests I should do?

(Roishachar) #7

is gps antenna on the top plate can interfere the barometer?

(Michael Lambert) #8

No, the barometer is a standalone pressure-based sensor so the only thing that really affects it is temperature. Signal interference isn’t a concern. I would consider getting the GPS antenna off the plate as that can cause trouble with signal consistency which could explain some position instability.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #9

Hi @roishachar,

Is your barometer covered in foam?

(Roishachar) #10

No foam, it’s indoor and navio is inside the 2 plates, does it matter?

(Michael Lambert) #11

That doesn’t answer @andrew.yushkevich question?

You were outside when you did the initial testing correct?

(Roishachar) #12

I will try with foam and check for differences, that issue is when rebooting on the floor indoor, so I’m wondering what can take affect on the barometer

(Michael Lambert) #13

I was basing my troubleshooting on the DJI aircraft I have used, but I don’t know enough about your platform to speculate further. Perhaps it does use the GPS in the altitude? Everything else I have seen has been a barometer driven elevation, but if it was using GPS being indoors could be it

(Andrew Yushkevich) #14

Hi @roishachar,

Do you have any updates after tests?

(Roishachar) #15

I have done a perfect flight test with great stability, but then suddenly the drone lose control and turn left and crash on a tree, the tree was with a lot of leaves, so no physical impact at all.
how can I investigate the log?

(Andrew Yushkevich) #16

Hi @roishachar,

I can see only videos on your Google Drive.
Can you share your log, please?