Alternative ways to overcome GNSS Cycle Slips on Reach without IMU integration

When I cold start Reach, it gives me very good accuracy on Kinematic mode when compared against plotted survey points in the field. However, as my work is under canopy sometimes, I experience attenuated signals which I believe cause cycle slips that lead to positional error once I return back to areas with good sky view, ie. my position seems to be consistently offset even after what I’m guessing are reasonably long observation windows (1-2 min). To my understanding, if coupled with IMU, the filtering of positions will give me better positional accuracy under poor signals if I obtained an initial position in good sky view where the signals are of higher quality. I know the IMU integration is in the works and also depends on further developments to RTKLIB.

Alternatively, does anyone know how I may overcome cycle slips in this case? I suppose cold starting Reach RTK will do but I’m not sure what constitutes a cold start. Starting and stopping RTKNAVI in ReachView does not seem to work as I believe there are some GNSS data cached in already, like the almanac and ephemeris? Haven’t tried plugging and unplugging Reach again, but that would seem too cumbersome a method to cold start Reach, if it even works.

You can reboot Reach from the right tab, that will surely lead to a cold start. Are you on “continuous” ambiguity resolution setting?

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Thanks for the advice. Yes I’m on continuous integer ambiguity setting. Should be Instantaneous instead I presume?