Alternative Telem Connections to ArduPilot Besides Local Loopback?

Hi all,

Does anyone know a connection method besides local loopback for communicating between Dronekit software and a running instance of ArduPilot?

At the moment, I pipe ArduPilot’s telemetry using -A udp: and I use the same connection string to connect using Dronekit. However, I am encountering issues with Dronekit where my software previously worked with a Pixhawk/Raspberry Pi using the serial port connection. More on this issue can be found in my post here.

I believe that Dronekit and our Python software fails because of UDP buffer overflow or whatnot. Thus I would like to try a new connection besides the local loopback port. Is there another means of connection? I’ve looked up Unix Domain Sockets as an alternative but I am unsure of how to use them.