Alternative for rfd900 and 3dr radio

I wont use reach for agricultural use with a parallel driving app like sigro pilot.

my first testing was with 3dr radio - but they are not strong enough
rfd900 radio are not allowed in europe

so i decided to use internet connection with a mobile wifi hotspot -
works very well - but its not a good solution.

sometimes the hotspot loses connection or connection is bad and the grey bars of the rover are down
for a second - so fixing starts again - for a professional work this is not good.

maybe someone knows alternatives for rfd900 and 3dr.

the upcoming standard LoRaWAN might be a new way…

They make a 433mhz radio for European countries.

who makes 433mhz for europe? ?

if have 3dr radio with 433 but they are not strong enough!

Have you tried to use better antennas for the 3dr radios? The rubberduckies are really bad most of the time. Their only advantage is their size.
I build a 1/4 lambda dipole antenna for my antenna tracker and a 1/2 lambda monopole for my rover.
They are just pieces of thin wire held in a plastic tube. I soldered the wire to a base of an old rubberduck antenna. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do that out on the internet.
What kind of mobile wifi hotspot did you use?
Have you tried a 5GHz router?
5GHz is strongly reglemented, too, but it should be able to use up to 1W transmit power. You will have to check that the router supports the outdoor 5GHz channels (100+). I just tried to setup an outdoor hotspot using a Raspberry Pi and hostapd, but my ralink based Wifi dongle and hostapd would not work with the outdoor channels.
Generally a lower frequency should work better with obstacles, so I would try other antennas for the 3dr radios first.

If have wrote with othwr people im other communities for drone flying.

I use a Trekker often >5 km away from Base Station with no free sight between, many trees and houses …
I am in Austria, here all is very small with no free sight.

Sorry, the WiFi Hotspot is on the Trekker.

Base has direct Connection to Internet with fixed ip. (

Rover uses the Hotspot for connection to Internet and Base.

Ok. 5km is a lot with no line of sight and using only free frequencies/transmit power. The only thing I can think of would be some kind of relay or mobile internet.

Forget the last statement. So you already have a mobile hotspot on the rover.

RFDesign has a 868MHz version which is allowed in Europe.
Also, there are 500mW 433Mhz radios from Hobbyking.

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Hi Mikhail Avkhimenia!!

Many thanks for this!!!

on the homepage there are only 900mhz modems and i got no answer to my email from frdesign…

but in the store i found it!! thank you very much!!!