Alternative connections to arduino

Hi everyone,

I am a coastal engineer and would like to use the Reach to create a device for surveying sea bed bathymetry. At this point I have sonar which I am logging on an arduino. I was hoping to connect the reach rover to my arduino in order to log gps position. As far as I can see, people are doing this using serial communication. My problem is that I expect that in my setup the serial port of the Reach would be occupied by a 3DR radio (to be able to communicate with the base unit over longer distances).

My question is: Does anyone have a good idea for how I can (easily) send data from the Reach in this setup to my arduino?


maybe you can use a usb otg cable to connect arduino to reach.

or a ftdi usb adapter

but be carefull that you power reach only once.


That sounds like a possibility. As far as I understand I would then be powering my arduino off of the Reach.

I wonder if anyone has done this before?


Hi Asger,

You can use same UART for correction input and position output. Just wire RX to the radio and TX to your arduino.

hi! one thing i dont not understand.

does reach send data back to base?

and can i use 1 base for more rovers?


Sending data back to base is only required for VRS (virtual reference station) over NTRIP. This is controlled by setting “Send GGA position to the base station” to “single”. During operation with another Reach there is no data being sent to the base unit

ok! when i understand correctly i can use one base with more rovers…

.-) for new update…

You can do that, base is simply a broadcaster.