All of a sudden no communications and SSH

So had a couple of good flights the last couple of days.

This morning however I powered up my Navio 2 to notice that there was a constant disconnect message on Qgroundcontroll. I also noticed that I could not SSH any more over my lan cable. What could cause this. Currently re flashing the SD Card to see if it helps.

OK so I re flashed the SD card and managed to communicate, however that random disconnects are still happening. I did notices that my PI is running hotter than usual by about 20 derees from about 44 degrees to about 65,5 degrees when using /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp. I also noticed in QGC that the board temperature is 53 degrees C compared to the 44 I used to get.

Will swop out my Raspberry pi and see if there is a change.

And the answer is…Faulty battery


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