Alexmos + Navio2 mavlink connection

Hello, is anybody been successful in configuring Mavlink connection between Navio2 and Alexmos gimbal controller?

I connected everything as per instruction and configured serial port at 115k trough mission planner and started Arducopter with -C switch to send secondary telemetry to serial port.

It looks all correct to me but probably it isn’t because it doesn’t work.


Could you double check with SERIAL1_BAUD set to 115 and SERIAL1_PROTOCOL to 7? Although the gimbals should indeed work with Mavlink, I suppose trying with a vendor protocol might be worth a try.

I suggest also taking a look at this doc entry which goes about a missing resistor on some of the boards.

Hello, thanks.

Yes i tested it, serial1 at 115k and mavlink protocol.

I am using Alexmos not Storm32 so the missing resistor stuff should not be my problem.

Vendor protocol is very limited, i need mavlink to get rid of some yaw drifting probs i have.



In order to eliminate a hardware problem I suggest trying out vendor protocol first. If that works, we can investigate further.

I doubt it is a navio hardware problem, i had an external gps on that serial and it worked no prob.


I doubt it, too. In fact, I was implying on testing the gimbal :slight_smile:

We have a new canbus Alexmos card coming in the next days, i’ll test that and find out. I have some doubt about a pin on the old board (needed for serial com) that is acting a bit strange.
Will keep you informed and let people know how to do it if i will be successful.

p.s. do you have any news on irlock?? i would really like very very very much to test anything you may come up with :slight_smile: