Alabama NAD83 meters

Has anyone noticed that there is no option for US Survey Feet in all 4 Alabama NAD83 datums? I could be missing something but I feel as though I have checked and done as much as I know how.

I recently received a survey csv file from the crew and upon importing into Civil 3D realized that the csv was in meters. I asked the crew and they said NAV83 Alabama East + NAVD88 height was selected. I have checked and the Units in this datum are “metre”,1. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? I have converted the points so no issues, but I am concerned about future projects in Alabama.

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Here you go

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I thought there was another one in the east zone as USFT but I guess not.

Im sure this is same as NAD83(2011). You’ll have to select GEOID12B for your heights. There’s not a GEOID18 available. They are basically the same, except for denser areas of established leveled BM’s (GEOID18).
I would find some passive control marks in your project area to verify though.

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Hi @cmartini85,

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Just wanted to check – does the coordinate system that Bryan suggested work for you?

We haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I believe it will.

Got it, thanks! It’d be great to know about your experience once you try it out.