Air data rate

how to config the other air data rate value ? My base has only two choices ( 18.23 kb/s and 9.11kb/s )

I have had good luck with 18.23kb/s, but if you work with long distances 9.11kb/s might be better as it is less information that has to travel that higher range. My typical surveys are usually not more than about 500-600 acres or 2-miles LOS.

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I usually pick the fastest regardless if i am not trying to set a distance record.

Makes transmission time less so harder to get the data string clipped off part way. The faster its in the faster the correction can be used in calculation.

The slower you go the more distance you can get, but i did not get GNSS to use only one constellations data.

Hi @franzanne27,

The available air data rate values depend on the RTCM3 messages settings. To unlock smaller air data rates, please try to disable some messages or use lower frequencies.

High air data rates provide a more stable correction stream that allows transmitting more RTCM3 messages. Choosing lower values limits the RTCM3 messages number but may significantly increase the baseline. As a default, we recommend using the 9.11 kb/s air data rate.


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