AHRS Visualizer for reach

Hi, I found this tutorial to visualize the imu, but this is for the navio and not for the reach. [1]
I managed that it runs on the reach, but the visualized IMU is spinning for it’s own axes, altough the IMU doesn’t move.

Is there a problem with the IMU or do I need another script to get the right values to visualize the IMU correct?

Thank you.

[1] https://emlid.com/navio-ahrs-visualizer/

The solution for my problem was solved in that post [1]

I had to add this for the calibration:

imu.getMotion9(&ax, &ay, &az, &gx, &gy, &gz, &mx, &my, &mz);
mx=(mx-17.0317)/100; // Gauss, IMU output = micro Tesla
my=(my-25.7831)/100; // Gauss
mz=(mz+12.5051)/100; // Gauss
ahrs.update(ax, ay, az, gx0.0175, gy0.0175, gz*0.0175, my, mx, -mz, dt);

[1] Yaw value keeps decreasing?

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Interesting, could you tell us more about usage of reach IMU ?
What is the purpose : navigation, lidar ?


Hi, I need the RTK position + the IMU values to calculate an exact position on an located image and at the moment I have to evaluate if the RTK IMU is good enough for this usage.

Ok but if it’s for using in photogrammetry process, photogrammetry does better than IMU