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Aftermarket Hot shoe wiring question

(G-Boediman-IPB) #1

Hi Emlid team and all friends.
I try to utilized my Reach + Pixhawk / PPK mapping setup for helping friends (Surveyors). Is not an easy way for me to start because of my background, only a drone hobbyist.

I follow all resources from Emlid and Tuffwing web already. but facing some problems. question :slight_smile:

I use hot shoe aftermarket like this:

I cut the end-plug and replace it with 2 RC Leads: the Positive to Reach Time-mark + Negative to Reach Ground, and Second Lead to Pixhawk pin 54 (Geotag) only, No Ground pluged.

Is that format Correct/ will Works?
We already did some experiment (no fly - walk only) and did some shots. when we read the result, the Path is far from accurate. We will try again of course, after get some guidance from this forum.

Any input will be appreciated. Thank you very much!
best regards

(Tatiana Andreeva) #3

Hi @G-Boediman,

I’d highly recommend you to connect PixHawk to the ground as well.

May I ask you to clarify what’s the accuracy you get?

(G-Boediman-IPB) #4

Hi, Tatiana.
thankyou for your input.
this is my latest rover test. (+base)
TOOLS: Emlid-reach (rover + base), pixhawk, Futaba for trigger >Sony.

Tatiana, now the PATH is good, correct by the way. Im happy w/ the result.

My questions:

  1. Is that correct, the time mark displayed created by cam trig from hot-shoe?
  2. is there any other way to make sure my hot-shoe sent a signal to reach module?

Thank you for your guide and help.
*next I will process log data from Pixhawk

(Tatiana Andreeva) #5

Hi @G-Boediman,

Glad to hear you’ve got good results!

Do you mean “Last time mark” field in ReachView Camera Control tab?
Every time Reach records an event, Last time mark value is updated.