After weeks of no problems AR Ratio issues arising

Hello all,

I’ve created a ticket with customer support but figured I’d ask here too. I’ve been using a pair of Reach RS+ units using LoRa radio to do RTK in order to both gather borders for a autocad layout of a vineyard as well as staking out the vine posts. Till now, these have worked beautifully for these purposes. A few days ago however, having changed nothing with either unit since they were working fine, I all of a sudden started having ar/ratio issues. When before I would have 999.9 nearly constantly, now I cannot even get a fix which is not acceptable because I need sub 3in accuracy as a max. I have tried resetting them and revert all my settings to what they were before but this hasn’t worked. one thing that has changed is that I get a “your unit is not connected to a lora radio” on my base. Did this message show up because my radio died? I am still receiving corrections from the base though which makes me question this message though. Needless to say, I am stumped.

I tried all of this on version 2.16. I am currently downloading version 2.22 to see if this fixes the issue.

I am also attaching the email I sent support and the link with all of the information I sent them including logs system reports, screenshots, and pictures.


I have been using a couple of you reach RS+ units for a couple months now and have recently encountered a problem. They worked very well for the majority of this time Gathering hundreds and staking out more hundreds of points.
After my initial learning curve, achieving a fix was never really an issue often being 999.9 as far away as .5 km. A few days ago though, I have not been able to get a fix of any kind. I have spent a number of hours over the past couple days to figure this out to no avail resetting the units and trying different combinations of settings.
I am believing the issue to be the LoRa Radio since I have great satellite reception on the glonass and GPS constellations. The Base unit is now also saying the a loRa radio is not attached. Has the radio in the base unit broken? I will send over simple reports, screenshots, and my raw data from before and after the issue in case you need any of that. There are also some pictures in case visibility was a concern which it should not be."

Thanks, John

A few things to try:

  • connect to a public NTRIP, like the one provided by EUREF. Do you get corrections in? (Showing as grey bars)
  • have both your units connected to the same network, make the correction-stream available over TCP, connect your rover to this stream, do you get corrections? Do you get a fix?

Also, can you provide some Raw files for debugging?

Hey Christian.

This is all taking place in North America. More specifically in a fairly rural part of Virginia. The nearest NTRIP station is 20 km away and from my understanding, every km introduces about a cm error and 20 cm would be too great of an error for me.

I put the files on the drive link provided above since I couldn’t post files at the time but I’ve included them below. They are from a time I could get a fix and from one I could not. Also the file is too large apparently.

Here is the link.

Thanks, John

As you see in specifications of Reach RS+
Static horizontal 5 mm + 1 ppm
1 ppm mean 1 mm for 1 million mm (1 km)
so for each 1 Km you have an error of 1 mm + 5 mm
For 20 Km you have 20 mm + 5 mm = 2.5 cm not 20 cm !!


Interesting. I could have sworn a couple months ago I read 1 cm so this is good info and when I go back out will give this a try.

The file is too large because you set the update rate to 5 Hz (0.2 s) so I advise you in case you want to make a static survey to set update rate to 1 Hz (1 sec) for both receivers (base and rover) cause it is more than enough to have better results.

I discovered the issue. A couple weeks ago the processing plant by the field I’m working in switched cellular providers for their internet. The tower it gets this signal from places my field right between the building and the tower. I learned this changed occured the very time my units stopped working. I had them shut off the router and instantly my fix shot to 999.9. I was thinking this was a long shot but it turns out to be the issue.

As a follow up here, This was not in fact the issue. I’m guessing that a wire was loose and it only happened to work when I turned off the internet. Emlid replaced my unit which actually fixed the problem.

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