After update 26.1 nothing works!

After having updated to 26.1 nothing works!

The Reach:85:DE reciever is not found and not inte area. (only 50 cm away)

When I tried to restart the RS2, it was not possible and it was not possible to turn off the unit!

How to get back to previous version that worket so perfect?

Anyone know how to do a full factory reset possibly using the power button? Same method for both RS/RS+/RS2?

How to turn off the RS2?

Its looked on searching/scanning!

You may have hit the weekend Emlid support is off every other weekend.

It’s never a good feeling when your down, hands tied and no response. : /

Hope someone can help you. I would assume a factory reset would help, but don’t know how on RS2. I “think” hold power button after 30 seconds and maybe work??? Hopefully you don’t need your logs, not sure if they get erased???

I “think” I had to do this with a Reach RS a couple years ago??? Just not certain.

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30 seconds on Power button stopped the all night long scanning!

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Today the RS2 started again, Rech3 did get 12 sats and no solution and then 0 sats.

But Reach view got 36 sats, but no correction sats!

Can I reload Reach3 app and the projects will still be there?

Contact support.

Now after reloading Reach 3 as Googe android app, it found the RS2 and the sats 37 and 32 in base correction!

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Hi Jan-Olov,

Could you clarify whether it’s possible to turn on and off the device now? Does it work as expected? If something goes wrong, please let me know.

To reboot the device with a power button, you should hold it for more than 15 secs. This action won’t erase your data from the device.

If you reload ReachView 3, all projects will be deleted as they are stored in the app. It’s better to export CSV before doing that.


I exported all projects with CSV ,before reloading Reach 3.

Today when starting the RS2 made a sound and showed steady blue light on left side, but did then not scan any reciever. After restart the wifi scanning got the Reach 85 and got position fix!

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