After power cycle base lost config data

after a power OFF/ON, the base changes its config:
ReachView v.0.3.1

Output Path for corrections from ‘serial’ USB 57600baud (my setting) to –> tcpsvr port 9000 ??

and at the bottom of the config file

from GPS_GLONASS_5Hz.cmd (my_setting) to –> GPS_10Hz.cmd ??


Base lat, lon, heigth is empty

by the way: Changing the config on the rover is confirmed with a Save config window.
changing the config on the base is not confirmed, only with a web reload I can check the new config.

… will do a flash…

1 hour later:

after the flash it holds the config… so, please ignore this issue…

… strange things happen: the web browser gets updatet suddenly with tcpsvr and GPS…cmd after a while, while the config, if refreshed, still holds my values?

… a flash a day and your problems are away…

I also had that problem too. Not to mention I am no longer able to get a fix either. I am going to reflash and try again. Are you being able to get a fix? Your setting on Rover is Glonass 5hz and what do you have set to on the base?

What are steps to flash the reach?

I am still in an experimenting state, as long as the devices are unstable. I have GPS and Glonass 5Hz selected on both sides, because I need coordinates every 250ms, at least. Thats why I selected llh as output solution… I do receive some strong signals from Glonass sats. I had often floating and sometimes a fix, but… I am not yet in the field, it is at my house, so the signals are at or around that critical 45 (whatever this is) signal strength mark.
If I put my rover on the roof, I have 10 sats in the green upper area, far more than with 45 signal strength.
I have the following RTCM3 messages selected: 1002 (GPS L1), 1006 (Antenna ref. point), 1008 (antenna type), 1010 (Glonass L1), 1019 (GPS Ephemeris), 1020 (Glonass Ephemeris).

->Here is the link to the flash-doc<-

I use Win10 64bit:
I used the GUI guide, NOT the Terminal guide. Installed the Edison drivers and the Phone flash tool. Thats it.
All I have to do is following the steps indicated in the phone flash software. I do not use the flashall.bat-way.
Take care at the end of the flash: Do not unplug to quickly…

With the Edison drivers, you have the possibility to enter Reach via Ethernet over USB.

A test can be made directly connected to the PC via this way: Using Ethernet over USB, -->

After flashing, you have to update the ReachView device to the newest version. This can be tricky, because on my side, it works only, if Reach is in a WiFi hotspot with Internet access.

Thanks for your detailed instructions. I will print them out and add to my notebook and follow carefully.

I was able to reproduce the issue, it seems like a system file gets corrupted from time to time. Currently working on it.

We released v0.3.2,

It will hopefully fix the problem with Reach forgetting its state. Also adds a space meter to the logs tab.

Thanks all the debug info, btw