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Affordable way to integrate Reach M+ with DJI Phantom


Hi Konstantin, thanks for the reply. Is that 3 wire cable out of your board a standard type of plug? like something cheaply available if someone manages to pull a wire out?

if true, this makes me happy.

(Konstantin) #22

With AShot board we will put this 3 wire cable and JST GH 5 pin connector to use it for TM and power socket of your M+ (this socket is near of GNSS antenna socket). Later I will post photos. Now we have holidays in Russia )) Women day.

To make photos every 1.2 or 1.7 seconds and dont lose them you should use Litchi App and drawing waypoints route yourself, you may using KML import in Litch app to upload waypoints.
Then you should fly to WPs and start AShot interval shooting - there is a command from your DJI remote: camera down, then camera quickly go UP, then Down. And AShot starts to make interval shooting without photos loosing. Later I wil show this procedure in video. It is very easy. And very stable interval shooting.


I don’t need fast photos, i can live with the intervals forced by Map Pilot. But not losing photos makes me take notice as I typically lose 4 or so photos on a 400 photo mission.

(Konstantin) #24

Map pilot uses DJI SDK, and you will lose photos (((
If you use mappilot, AShot will know the photo event and send TM to M+ in the middle of Shutter. 0ms latency in every photo.

But we fly in Litchi and make shots by AShot every 1.7 seconds and dont lose photos.

(Michael Lambert) #25

This is exactly what I am talking about. Being forced to fly Litchi is the caveat. Personally I like and use Litchi regularly. I apologize if I misunderstood from your !!, but this is exciting technology and must be verified by someone other than the manufacturer. I am purchasing one now and will report to the community.

(Michael Lambert) #26

This is what I received when attempting to purchase. Please advise.


the spirit of adventure! good man.

(Michael Lambert) #28

Thanks @wsurvey, that’s what we do. If I can spend $1k on top of the P4P setup and save my company $10k to get the functionality then I look like a champ, but this extra $400 won’t make me a chump…

(Michael Lambert) #29

Can you engineer something for the Yuneec H520 with the E90 camera? I have two beta machines and am up for development.

(Konstantin) #30

Sorry, but we did not use Yuneec.
5 years we fly only on DJI. We start flying on Naza, then A2 with DJI S1000, then Ph3pro and now we use Ph4pro/adv.

(Konstantin) #31

I have check our business paypal acc, it is OK. Please try again to make payment. If you have any problem again, please send me email. I will try to help you.

(Michael Lambert) #32

No worries. I would be happy to help you develop. It is becoming a popular aircraft in the US. I also beta test for them and maybe we can link up.

(Konstantin) #33

Sorry, but E90 camera has rolling shutter. We dont want use it for surveying.
Now we are developing AShot for Mavic 2 pro. It has rolling too, but you should fly slowly and will receive good result. After one-two months we will show our working with mav2pro.


as long as the cable is sufficiently long this will be a winner. There may be some M+ units mounted some distance from your AShot board so a good length of cable to cover all possible mounting positions would be good.

with connectors at both ends then i assume the wires will be clipped into one of the connector ends after installation and threading through the gimbal cooling holes? i don’t see any other way to do it

(Brian Christal) #35

Hi Konstantin,

Thank you for your informative replies - especially that the DJI camera loses 2-3 photos per 100. This is problematic for LED blink detecting. I look forward to your final product and documentation.


i recently flew a job and missed 4 photos out of about 160. no false LED blinks recorded. when the photo was missed the LED didn’t blink. i think this is usually the case as i only ever deal with the occasional extra event.

(Brian Christal) #37

I think the extra event is caused by the LED blink and then, missed picture, right?


This may be the case but I couldn’t say for sure. I think it’s the exception rather than the rule. mostly, no photo = no LED blink = no M+ event

(Konstantin) #39

it is not LED problem. This is DJI CAN bus problem, but AShot can make photos itself every 1.7 seconds and dont lose photos and event marks. AShot can control CAN bus and Camera Sensor bus.

You are right.
No Photo event in Camera -> no LED blinking -> no TimeMark in M+

(Tobias Dahms) #40

Nice, I bet the value of the parts is less than 3.80 $, Apple will be jealous. But I still wonder whether it is possible to sell enough units to cover the development costs. Anyhow, the market seems big enough to attract DJI to develop their own Phantom RTK.

I find it really interesting that so many people go for a Phantom and that there are so many semi-commercial solutions which somehow merge Reach and Phantom. I get the impression that all these solutions somehow modify the Phantom, all these solutions are a workaround and that these modifications are a potential source of trouble in case of an incident.