Affordable RTK GPS antenna (Europe)

Hi there,

I am looking at the antenna recommendations for the RTK antennas and three Tallysman models are listed: TW1421, TW4320 and TW3400. From all of these I only found the latest (and most expensive) to be available in Europe through Farnell (see this item). Farnell has more Tallysman antennas but not the models listed above.

Can someone recommend good antennas for RTK (maybe from different manufacturer than Tallysman) that have good value that can be purchased in Europe (EU)? I mean they do not need to be expensive but should have good parameters for RTK.

Or will the cheapest Tallysman model at Farnell do the job too? Like this one?

It would probably be okay, but we never tried that model.
Farnell UK has a couple of antennas that we’ve tried and they are good:

Another source for Tallysman’s antennas is Digi-Key (,fff80436,fffc05f6&chp=0) Digi-Key carry the TW1421, TW3400 and the TW4320. Although, I would recommend you consider the TW4421 over the TW4320. The TW4421 uses a dual feed patch whereas the TW4320 uses a single feed patch. The major difference is that the dual feed patch provides significantly lower axial ratios and better phase linearity.